Buddy Program: 10 Weeks


Having someone older and ‘removed’ from the family is often hard to find in today’s world.

Kids and teenagers are facing an ever-increasing amount of pressure as a result of social media and unrealistic expectations, online (and face-to-face) bullying, academic pressures and decisions on study, university etc.

Never before have we seen more reported cases of depression and anxiety in under 18’s and the suicide rate is increasing at an alarming rate.

While parents have a huge responsibility, sometimes a third-party can provide a ‘port in the storm’ for some.


Our Buddy Program offers a tailored approach

As teenagers, we both went through difficult and challenging times and in hindsight wish we had someone to talk to who could understand without judgement or repercussion.

Emotional intelligence and wellness are becoming increasingly accepted in the younger generation but positive role models are hard to find.

Our Buddy Program offers a tailored approach to mentoring from a simple once a week face-to-face catch up to let off steam and offer some guidance and ‘voice of reason’ to a more strategic approach to developing emotional and mental awareness and self-development.

We use many of the tools in our coaching and Warrior Program depending on the individual and their circumstances.

As with the Warrior Program, we offer anytime contact and 100% confidentiality.

The Buddy Program is tailored to your individual needs and circumstances, however commonality covers:

  • Anytime Contact
    – You can contact us at any time – you have our number; period.
  • Limited Clients
    – We only take a maximum of 10 buddies at a time, which enables us to offer you complete support.
  • Flexibility
    – Face-to-face, phone or online sessions
    – All 1-hour sessions last 1 hour 15 mins! Time for small talk and still have an hour of quality time.

What does the program cover?

We take you through a process of emotional and physical growth. Each of the small changes you make builds a powerful mindset. For some it might be more talking and less ‘growth/tools for change, but everyone is different and we take an open-minded approach for each person and their needs.

We introduce you to ‘tools’ that can help in many ways and will be specific to your personal circumstances.

Amongst other areas, we can cover:

  • Building resilience
  • Gaining self confidence
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Understanding the power of choice
  • Changing your ‘outlook’ on the world and future
  • Acceptance
  • Becoming comfortable with vulnerability
  • Finding your purpose
  • Furnacing a growth mindset
  • Gratitude and mindfulness
  • Recognising negative thought patterns and behaviours and how to change them
  • Forgiveness
  • Living in the moment

The specifics

  • Weekly face-to-face (or if preferred, online) 1hour 15min sessions – these are generally run outdoors unless you would prefer otherwise – no offices or clinical environments
  • Weekly phone/facetime session
  • Strategic sessions to work on specific areas for change
  • Anytime contact via phone or message

All of the areas below are tailored specifically for you. We show you what we do and how to integrate them into your schedules.

For an informal chat and to find out more, please drop us an email or give us a call.