Breath-Hold & Breathwork Courses

Breath-hold for survival courses - adults & kids

Take a look at the videos below or visit Apnea Australia for more details on the Breath-hold for Survival and other Freediving courses and what we cover.

Learn techniques to help deal with the ‘urge to breath’ in high stress, high metabolism situations.

Designed for surfers, kiters, windsurfers and anyone who loves being in the ocean but wants to learn to deal with wipe-outs and hold-downs better or simply to build their confidence in the water.

Following the process developed by Apnea International, we take you through a number of class-room and pool exercises and education, which covers the physiological, mental and physical aspects of the body and mind in these situations. All of the exercises and training is done on an ‘exhale’ breath with little or no time for recovery; suitably mimicking real-life situations!

The course is suited to all ages (min 13 with parental consent) and abilities – male and female. We tailor aspects of the day to accommodate different levels of ability and numbers are limited to a maximum of 8 per course. Please see the ‘Kids Breath-hold for Confidence’ course for those aged 8 – 12 years.

Please feel free to get in touch for a chat and to find out more information.

If you’d like to arrange a group booking or individual training, please get in touch and we can put on specific sessions to suit.

Upcoming Courses

Breath-hold for Survival – $275.00
Saturday 28th October
Bold Park Aquatic Centre, The Boulevard, Floreat
Limited Places


ADVANCED Breath-hold Pool Training Course – $149.00
Saturday 11th November
Claremont Aquatic Centre, Davies Road, Claremont
Limited Places


KIDS (8-13) Breath-hold for Confidence – $149.00

Saturday 29th October – 9.00am – 12.30pm
Claremont Aquatic Centre, Davies Road, Claremont
Limited Places


KIDS (8-13) Breath-hold for Confidence – $149.00
Sunday 12th September – 
9.00am – 12.30pm
Claremont Aquatic Centre, Davies Road, Claremont
Limited Places






About The Courses

Adult Breath-hold Course

Advanced Breath-hold Course

Kids Breath-hold Course

Breathwork Workshops

Functional & Transformational Breathwork – $30.00 – $40.00
Saturday 2nd September

10.00am – 1.00pm
Venue – Twisting Fish Yoga Studio, Claremont
Small Group, So Places Limited

What People Say

like to say thank you for your class on Saturday, it’s well and truly blown me
away and I’m hooked!

I’ve never experienced anything like it and in one session I feel like I’ve had a
step change; it’s remarkable. 
I’ve gone from being a scatter-brain to being so focused; it’s unbelievable!
Loving it and can’t wait for the next class.”

I really enjoyed the breathwork workshop. I enjoyed the explanation of the
different types of breathing and the science behind each of those modalities.
So, well done for that.
I like the scientific explanations and evidence to back it up; I have a scientific mind that enjoys explanations!
commend you on your dedication to this work. Your enthusiasm and professionalism shone through on the day. I feel you hold a very safe space for people.
I’ve had a lot of grief and issues around unworthiness come up during the session; I’m grateful the breathwork helped release these emotions. I would love to attend another workshop!”

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