Welcome to One Life | Live It

Feeling Like There’s More to Life?

Feeling Like There’s More to Life?

Mentoring and Coaching for Personal Change & Growth

Welcome to one life | live it

“You can choose courage or you can choose comfort, but you cannot have both”– Brene Brown

Our vision is to mentor and coach others when they feel it’s time to make a change in life but don’t really know where to start or what to do.

Whether simply ‘stuck’ without a clear sense of purpose or direction, suffering with anxiety or depression, or struggling through a time of crisis such as relationship breakdown, job loss or struggle with family dynamics, we seek to provide a framework to not only find a more positive way through but to grow emotionally, physically and mentally as a result.

This isn’t a ‘band-aid’ approach to simply ‘get through’ along with the adage of ‘time heals all wounds’, it’s a long-term sustainable change in negative behaviours, limiting thought patterns and understanding our inner self.

We still drink coffee and wine, live in a house and drive a car. We haven’t shaved our heads (Simon was always thin on top), sold our possessions, given up the sports we love, nor spend our weekends living in a Yurt in the bush.

We say this to simply highlight the fact that we still lead stereotypically ‘normal’ lives despite the internal changes that have given us such strength of direction and clear focus for living fulfilling lives.

While it’s a continual learning process, after just months, the positive impact on our lives has been immense.

If we can change, we know you can too.


Hi, I’m Simon and I have been where you are! I started One Life Live It to help people just like you feel empowered and make positive changes in their lives. Everyone has challenges, but it is how you overcome them that shapes the person you will be tomorrow. You can call me on 0406 352 140 


I’m not your stereotypical ‘did it tough’ and life has dealt me a bad hand, kind of guy. It’s fair to say that I had a wonderful start in life, my parents were great and my environment and family well loving and encouraging. You can call me on 0408 302 187

Our Approach – Key Pillars of Growth


We all need a sense of purpose, yet for many, this isn’t something we understand or can clearly define.

Often is the case, we’re like ships without a compass, caught up in the dogma of society but not always truly living the life we want to lead. 

The hard part is finding our sense of purpose or fulfilment and knowing how to go out and make it happen.

Thought Patterns

Often we don’t realise it, but we can sometimes get ‘lost’ in negative and limiting thought patterns. In times of stress, conflict and crisis, we ruminate or make up a narrative that fuels the ego and we start associating with. We have the ability to choose our reactions and train our thought patterns.

Learnt behaviour over many years my not serve us any more and it may be time to learn new ways of how we see the world and our place in it. 

Healthy Life

While physical health is important, emotional and psychological health have historically tended to be less well understood or discussed, especially for men.

These areas have such a strong influence over our physical wellbeing and has an overwhelming ability to give us a sense of drive and focus.

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