The World’s First Ever, Biggest, Group Ice Bath!

We did it!

degrees Celsius

We Achieved A Guinness Book Of World Records Attempt For

Successful World Record

To set the new Guinness World Record, at least 250 people were required to be submerged in icy water up to their neck for at least three minutes simultaneously in baths that were less than 15 degrees celsius, with no body part below the neck breaking the surface of the water for the entirety of the three minutes.

The Record attempt took place on Leighton Beach, Western Australia where 537 participants entered 45 ice baths submerged up to their neck with the average pool temperature of 6 degrees celsius or below. The outcome was that history was made and the Guinness World Record was set with 509 participants completing this task, making it a world first!

The primary purpose of the event was to raise awareness and funds for the BEYOND BLUE charity, and to raise awareness about the benefits of breathwork and cold exposure to help people suffering from depression and anxiety.

International Ice Bath Day


International Ice Bath Day is more than a challenge; it’s a global movement for mental health. Annually on the 3rd Saturday of January, individuals worldwide embrace the cold to foster resilience and raise awareness for mental well-being. This initiative supports Beyond Blue in their mission to aid those with anxiety and depression, proving that a little chill can make a big change.

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