Guinness World Record Attempt
The World’s First Ever, Biggest, Group Ice Bath!

Saturday 20th January 2024
 9am – 2pm

We are hosting a Guinness Book Of World Records attempt for

Why?!: One Life is focused on helping people break out of negative mindsets and limiting behaviours, often associated with anxiety and depression and ultimately preventing us from living a life by ‘design’ rather than by ‘accident’.

While we offer coaching and ‘Mindset Bootcamps’ we use cold water exposure and breathing amongst other modalities to shift states and reap the  mental and physical benefits. Specifically, the ‘ice’ provides many significant and powerful physiological and mental benefits. 

So, we are hosting this event to further raise awareness of the issues surrounding mental health, the benefits of cold water exposure and to raise money for Beyond Blue.

The event is not-for-profit, with all proceeds after the cost of staging the event, going to Beyond Blue.

When: Saturday 20th January 2024, 9am – 2pm. The record attempt will be at 12 noon!

Where: Leighton Beach – in front of the Fremantle Surf Lifesaving Club – 20 Leighton Beach Boulevard, North Fremantle

What: The record criteria is based on 250 people, simultaneously submerging in the ice baths (we will have over 40 inflatable pools set up on the beach), up to their necks for 3 minutes. The ice baths will be approximately 6°C.

UPDATE: We now have over 450 participants signed up, which is absolutely amazing!!
So, we’ve opened up just 50 more spots – we’re aiming for 500 in total! Thank you for all of you so far who will be joining us on the day to attempt this World record.

Want to get Involved?


We are looking for 250 (now 500!) participants who believe they can make the time in the ice bath. To sign up please click the link below to participate which costs $10.

We do require a waiver to be signed which we send to you nearer the time, so if you have medical conditions that might preclude your participation, please consult with your medical professional beforehand and provide us with a letter giving approval to participate.


There are a number of sponsorship opportunities ranging from full naming rights and solo sponsorship (this is our ‘Baltic’ package) through to lesser amounts and areas of coverage. A full sponsorship pack with all relevant details can be emailed to you if interested in finding out more or please feel free to call Mark on 0408 302 187. 


Even if you don’t participate, you can donate to the GoFundMe page to help with the event costs with all monies left over going to Beyond Blue.


We are looking for 30 motivated volunteers to help out on the morning of Friday 19th January from 7am – 1pm, and on the event day, Saturday 20th January from 7am – 3pm.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, or would like to find out more, please register your interest on the yellow button below, or contact Mark on 0408 302 187

How you can get involved – at home or around the world

We would love to have more people involved, so if you want to join us on the day, no matter where you are in the world, we will be very excited to have you involved. We will aim to stream live on Facebook and have social media coverage through Instagram and Facebook.

Maybe you can get a group together in the garden, or just yourself in the bath with some ice!

Contact Us to let us know what you’ll be doing and for us to send you an information pack with details of how to share your journey and the ice bath on the big day!

Carbon footprint

We understand that ice and the packaging produce a carbon footprint, and while we understand raising awareness of the benefits of cold water immersion is paramount, we also want to consider the environment.

The event will have its carbon footprint calculated and we will be donating to GreenFleet to plant trees, which when mature will offset our carbon use for the event.

For more information, please Contact Us or give Mark a call: 0408 302 187.

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