Watch and read testimonials from participants in our coaching programs and events.

Natalie (Warrior Program)

I reached out to One Life about 18 months ago when I was at a stage of my life where I was feeling stuck and lacked direction and purpose and for that reason I was really quite depressed.

Having embarked on the Warrior Program I now have a clear understanding of what makes me happy and how to get the most out of my life. When I met Mark, he made me realise I wasn’t alone and he could help me take the steps necessary to move forwards in my life.

A major breakthrough was when I understood how many (subconscious) barriers I had that were holding me back and with Mark’s help I was really able to start breaking them down.

Mark actually gave me the truth of my situation, which might not have been what I wanted to hear, but made me realise I could take control of my life and he was there to work through the things that were holding me back. He gave me an action plan, which made me feel empowered.

Going forward, the road is always a bit messy but I now have a true path for myself. I would recommend Mark to anyone who feels ‘stuck’ or needs to understand themselves better and find direction.

James (Warrior Program & Bootcamp Participant)

I’m an ordinary bloke that Mark has helped recently. I’m a family man, loving wife and great kids; nothing really that bad going on. Having got to middle age with no particular dramas or trauma to speak of, I started to reflect on what I had (or hadn’t) achieved and my ‘purpose’ in life; I’d basically lost my ‘mojo’.

I spent time with Mark and he opened my eyes to understanding a lot about myself and life generally. He’s taught me techniques that I now use regularly and I feel a lot more energised, a better husband, better father. I want to say that I thoroughly recommend Mark and his team and if you’re considering working with him, it is without doubt a positive and a wonderful experience.

Skye (Bootcamp participant)

I didn’t realise how much I needed the whole experience until I felt the incredible benefits at the end. The accumulation of the morning routine, breath work, working on self and the ice baths, coupled with support and like-minded souls over the 4 days – was just magic!

The inspiration, re-invigoration, sense of clarity, lightness and mental strength/focus feels liberating and life-changing!

So, I thank you, with all my heart😊

Ivor (Bootcamp participant)

Thanks to Mark and Tania (and the other participants) for an really amazing 4 days of growth, sharing, warmth, openness and really valuable and insightful learnings and exercises to present an new way of thinking and different lens with how to view life and its challenges and how to prepare, accept and understand/overcome the hurdles many of us encounter regularly.

I feel so much more prepared to start my days with purpose, vigour and gratitude and really can sense the benefits of making my morning routine a wonderful way to roll out of bed. The compassion, kindness and contribution from everyone on the retreat was inspiring to observe and to be part of and I thank everyone for everything they offered in making it a truly amazing experience which will remain with me forever.

Jill (Breathwork and 1-1 Coaching)

I just wanted to say a very big ‘thank you’ for all that you’ve done for me. You were a key person in a very difficult period in my life, were I was dealing with childhood and traumatic experiences. Thank you for helping bring this to light and deal with it so I can finally move forward in life, and for the tools and techniques you’ve shown me which helped me through that time. Particularly the breathwork and cold exposure; you have no idea how much the cold showers have helped me!

I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs help dealing with stuff. The things you’ve taught me I still use to this day when life becomes a little bit overwhelming; thank you.

Trinity (Warrior Program)

I was in quite an abusive relationship, was undiagnosed with borderline personality disorder and self-harming almost daily and very depressed. I found that working with Mark and the warrior Program, whatever I needed he could provide. They take a long-term approach to getting under the ‘surface’ issues to provide a solid foundation to build on rather than just a band-aid approach.

He never put me in a ‘box’ or judged me, ever; I’ve not experienced that before and he made me believe in myself again.

I absolutely love who I am now. The way Mark approached it and having built that really strong structure, my life moving forward was guaranteed, it was guaranteed to be good. And that’s exactly what has happened.