About Carola

Carola brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and positivity to the team. She is a qualified Counsellor, Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Coach, Mindfulness & Meditation Coach and Yoga Teacher. Carola has counselled, coached and taught for many years and has an intrinsic ability to inspire and connect with her clients and students to help them benefit from and adopt incremental change into their daily lifestyle.

Opportunity to Grow

Carola’s passion lies in helping people by equipping them with tools that provide an opportunity to grow in self-awareness, develop boundaries, change harmful patterns, build resilience and overcome unhelpful thoughts and behaviours.

Meditation is just one of the tools we use to help keep the mind healthy and drive change; emotionally and physically. While our clients benefit from the integration of meditation on many different levels, depending on the specific needs, sometimes a combination of counselling alongside the coaching and mentoring program can be extremely beneficial which is where we find great synergy working with Carola on this aspect as required.


breaking through negative stereo-types

Experienced in working with adults, teenagers and children, Carola breaks through the negative stereo-type often fostered in society and makes meditation understandable, enjoyable and effective. Amongst Carola’s other qualifications and studies, she is registered Coach, Counsellor (member of Australian Counselling Association “ACA”), program developer and facilitator, and Mental Health First Aid Trainer.

She’s completed professional development training in Positive Psychology coaching, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Trauma Release and Motivational Interviewing. Outside of coaching for One Life, Carola runs her Wellbeing & Resilience consultancy, Thrive Experiences 


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