Breathe & Freeze

This Is A Great Opportunity To Try Some Breathwork And An Ice Bath In A Fun And Invigorating Group Environment.

Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned dipper, we guide you through the initial breathing exercises and into the ice. We will coach you through it if you need a bit of extra encouragement and even sit with you in the ice if that’s what it takes 🙂

We walk you through the basics and start with some breathing exercises before jumping (or slowly dipping a toe) into the ice bath. After 3 minutes, (but you can get out at any time) we get out and go through a warming up exercise before finishing with a big ‘high-five’ and enjoying the incredible feeling.

See below for dates and bookings for our next session.

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Waiver: We have a waiver all participants are required to sign on the day (click the button below). If you have any medical conditions including, but not limited to those below, please consult your doctor and bring a medical certificate if required: Heart Attack or Other Cardiovascular Abnormalities. Recent Surgery. Recurrent Headaches or Migraines. High or Low Blood Pressure. Epilepsy, Seizures, Panic Attacks, Other. Self-Harm. Any Form of Lung Disease. Blackouts or Fainting. Pneumothorax (collapsed lung). Motion Sickness. Pregnant. Taking any Prescription Medications. A Regular Smoker. Diabetic.

PLEASE NOTE: If the weather is particularly bad (and we know there’s a lot of regulars that would come no matter what!) we will postpone the event. Check back here or see Instagram or Facebook on the Saturday afternoon prior, to see if it’s still on. If we postpone, we can refund your payment or move it to the next one you’re able to attend.

Carbon: While we understand the overwhelming benefits of cold-water exposure to physical and mental health being very powerful, we also acknowledge the environmental impact in the production of ice. To help ‘off-set’ the carbon footprint, for every ice bath we donate to Greenfleet Australia who

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