Breathwork Workshops

I seek to provide a science-based background and understanding of breathwork and how / why ‘it works’. There are a multitude of differing breathwork practices and while we tend to focus on the more dynamic breathing patterns for state-shift and deeper emotional and trauma release, we also balance this with slower more ‘relaxing’ breathing practices.

We are also conscious of understanding the individual, their background and reasons for participating, so we can tailor the experience and ensure we are working wiht them in the best possible way.

Upcoming Breathwork Workshops

I’ve studied many different areas and use breathing practices on a daily basis. I’m a trained XPT Performance Breathing Coach, an Oxygen Advantage Instructor and have completed a variety of other well researched practices including Wim-Hof, DMT, transformational and other more traditional yoga / pranayama breathing techniques.

I am also an Apnea International qualified Breath-hold for Survival instructor and teach adults and kids techniques for holding their breath and relaxing for longer in high stress situations, particularly surf and the ocean and for generally building confidence in the water.

Significantly, certain types of breathwork practices help us to not only simply relax, build resilience and create more clarity and focus, but they enable us to enter a meditative state that enables us to access the sub-conscious mind and help release unconscious negative thoughts and built-up trauma while also embedding positive thoughts to start ‘rewiring’ new neuro-pathways.

Meditation enables us to do this too and forms a significant part of the framework of ‘tools’ we encourage, but it does take significant time and practice to become good at. Breathwork is more immediate and can alter your mindset and physical state within minutes.

Part of breathwork is to understand the mind-body connection and how our bio-chemistry can alter in an instant and how we can very quickly push ourselves past what we thought possible with a change in mindset and attitude.

We use various breathing practices in our coaching and mindset programs, but we also teach these techniques separately, which will equip you with a number of short and long-term exercises that can help reduce stress and anxiety and form daily practices for more mindful ways of breathing.

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