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“An immersive 3-day ‘bootcamp’ designed to kick-start long-lasting behavioural, physical and positive mental change in all aspects of your life.

If you’re feeling stuck, like you’ve lost your way, need to find some passion in life? Asking yourself ‘Is this it?’ ‘How did I end up here?’ ‘I don’t know where to start.’

Looking to make a change in your life, start a business, improve your relationship, health or fitness.

Then this is for you.

We will teach you the dynamics of how to change your mindset, break negative habitual patterns that don’t serve you, create new positive ones and reduce or remove anxiety. We will help you find the passion for living the life you want to.

Finding your passion isn’t an ‘archaeological dig’ but an ‘architectural build.’ We delve into this and explore how to make these changes.

We draw extensively from free-diving and breathwork, meditation and state-shift to understand areas of your life that are holding you back, break negative habitual patterns and create new positive ones that align with your future self.

Exercise and nutrition, somatic breathwork, ice baths, meditation, seminars, freediving techniques amongst other ‘tools’ make up a holistic approach to understanding how you got to this point in life and to empower you to make long-lasting change moving forward.

Your beliefs will be ‘challenged’ and while our history and childhood will have absolutely influenced our lives so far, we focus more on the present and future rather than reliving the past.

Many people say this process ‘opens Pandora’s Box’ [in a good way!] and once you start to understand more and see positive changes, you can’t go back to your ‘old self’.

What you will learn

  • Understanding how you got to this point in your life and what to do to change the future.
  • Provide a framework of how to start thinking differently, consciously, break negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs and create new ones.
  • Introduce behaviour changes that will provide a positive framework for energy and focus.
  • How our conscious mind can hijack us.
  • Understanding negative behaviours, where they come from and how to start letting them go.
  • Living a more ‘purposeful’ and conscious life – what it means and what it looks like.
  • How to build more positive and connective relationships, both personally and professionally.
  • How to change ‘direction’ and live a life by ‘design’ rather than accident.

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