The stuff we have to tell you!

When you sign up to a One Life Live It Program or purchase a One-One Session you are making an Agreement to the following terms and conditions:

  1. By signing up to any One Life Live It Program or Session you understand that it is for the duration and cost specified and that to cancel prior to completion you need to write to us explaining why you would like to cancel and a decision on cancellation is up to our discretion and you might be required to pay out the full program.
  2. You will be required to complete a Client Questionnaire and Confidentiality Form prior to commencement.
  3. One Life Enterprises and its Directors reserve the right to terminate the Program or Sessions if they believe any information provided has been misleading or untruthful or if, for any reason, they do not believe the Programs or Sessions will be of benefit to you. In this instance, any proportion of the costs not expended, will be refunded to your nominated bank account within 5 Days of terminating this agreement.
  4. You understand that Directors of One Life Enterprises, Trading as One Life Live It – Simon Edwards and Mark Hughes are not clinical phycologists or physiatrists. The programs offered are based on a non-clinical and holistic approach involving coaching and mentoring through various team members. Other team members may be clinically or otherwise trained which are detailed in their Biography. We do separately offer counselling as part of the program with a qualified counsellor on the Team, if deemed beneficial.
  5. Should we feel that a more clinical approach be useful we will discuss this with you and, if relevant, we would recommend additional professional intervention alongside, or instead of, the One Life programs or Sessions.
  6. You understand that the One Life Live It programs and Sessions nor any of the Team or Directors are trained or offer services for severe mental health disorders, suicidal patients or those persons suffering from drug or alcohol dependency. We are unable to take on such clients and would refer you elsewhere accordingly.
  7. While we find all clients benefit from the Programs and Sessions, we cannot provide any guarantees. However, by signing up to one of the Programs or Sessions you are agreeing to do so with willingness, an open mind and overwhelming desire to make positive and long-lasting changes; this will be of significant benefit to achieving results.