About Simon

Hi, I’m Simon and I have been where you are! I started One Life Live It to help people just like you feel empowered and make positive changes in their lives. Everyone has challenges, but it is how you overcome them that shapes the person you will be tomorrow. If you want a mentor who has walked a mile in your shoes, I am your man!

I was born in Wales and at the age of four my life changed dramatically. My father had a tragic accident leaving my mother to raise me and my two sisters. Our tight family dynamic was tested when my mother remarried and I became a typical rebellious teenager. A blessing that came from this was an additional three siblings who I love dearly, and after becoming a step father myself many years later, I look back with a huge amount of respect for the way my step-dad brought me up and the challenge he took on.

The struggle only grew

My struggles grew as it was discovered I had dyslexia when I was young, which is something I still have difficulty with today. This wasn’t the only problem I had battled with. At age 15 my looks changed and so did my self-perception; my lower jaw grew faster than my upper jaw and I became the target for bullies. 

I loved sports, however any enjoyment I found from playing soccer was diminished by hurtful comments about my appearance and for a long time my true personality was hidden behind an invisible mask. I felt like I couldn’t be myself and overcompensated by being loud and outspoken.

I started gambling from the age of 16 and didn’t stop until I hit 40, that’s a lot of years of wasted money.

I battled with the addiction of gambling on and off for many years, I just had to gamble on everything and anything! It is an addiction I’m happy to say doesn’t control me any longer.

How I changed my life

They say you grow up overnight when you turn 30, and for me this was the first time I realised I had to make changes in my life. Confidence comes from the inside but my insecurity about my looks had overshadowed who I was for too long. I had an operation to fix my jaw, and almost overnight I felt like a new man!

Despite being involved in a successful family business I started to wonder if there was more. For over 14 years I was treading water at work and with my growing confidence I took a chance and moved to Australia with nothing.

I started a business, fell in love, got married and became a step-father. We also started a family and all of my children are some of my greatest achievements.

The Ups and Downs

As humans we have the ability to adapt and learn to be resilient. Things don’t always go to plan and despite gaining control over my gambling addiction, other areas in my life fell apart. Unforeseen family circumstances led to the breakdown of my marriage which was a tumultuous time for me. I was in a dark place as my wife and children were no longer living under the same roof as me.

There was a point where I had to pull myself out from under the weight of emotions and unleash the strength and determination from within. This is where my transformation began and each day I worked hard to learn new skills, grow, and find a new path for myself. I have learnt to accept that traditionally ‘female‘ emotions such as crying are only human and can actually be a valuable tool in releasing frustration.

I am stronger, wiser, and happier, and now appreciate the little things I otherwise took for granted. I have discovered coping mechanisms to ensure I can overcome any challenges life throws my way!

It is these real life experiences and skills that you can benefit from as I coach you out of the same abyss I was once in. I offer mentoring and coaching in a way that is convenient for your lifestyle. Whether it is face to face, by email, phone or text, I’m here for you 24/7. I look forward to supporting you and discovering the best version of you. Together we can make it happen!


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